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Our Dear Peelu !!

It all happened so quick and sudden – Peelu wasn’t eating properly few weeks ago before i went to Karimganj. While staying there maa called and said that if i can return early. Anupam told me – “Peelu was serious and may not survive more than few days”. He was diagonised with malignant Spleen tumor which has spread on its liver too. Even before being diagnosed of its illness – he had stopped eating.We used to force pasted or semi-liquid 

end or beginning of a new year ….

….. well for me it’s a brand new day that will lead to another new day and so on …. if one thinks of it – it might gets complex and¬†philosophical – i love both ! Anyway life is still the same …. beautiful and full of tension and worries. There so many things to be done and achieve …. one nice thing is that i have lost weight and have more or less kept it there. i am hoping 

Life … full of problems !!

Is it true people create their own problems or is it written forehand. A day or two back i was talking to my friend and her mother. As my friend says “from the day i opened my eyes – i have seen n heard that she has so and so problems … one ends the other starts”. i had to laugh – had no choice as i wanted to ease the situation. They both had a fight. Anyhow – the 

Beautiful moments !!

On a warm sunny day…¬† walking on the naturally shaded path of Lodhi Garden – neem leaves falling on us as cool breeze sweep through the huge neem tree. Some unknown bird chripping from the near by tree …. occassionally a squirrel or two cross our path. As we turn the corner – we see a shurb with white bloom … name ?¬† we don’t know – it doesn’t have any fragrance yet we were bewitched by its soft but 

My new “blog template” …

As i wrote before … last year my mom brought me a Sony “Vaio” laptop – its screen is much larger than the normal ones …. so the templates i used before didn’t fit my screen and they all looked odd. The psychological effect it had on me was i didn’t feel like opening my blog as it didn’t look good. One day i asked my cousin to make a template that would fit and look good on my “larger