Our Dear Peelu !!

It all happened so quick and sudden – Peelu wasn’t eating properly few weeks ago before i went to Karimganj. While staying there maa called and said that if i can return early. Anupam told me – “Peelu was serious and may not survive more than few days”.

He was diagonised with malignant Spleen tumor which has spread on its liver too. Even before being diagnosed of its illness – he had stopped eating.We used to force pasted or semi-liquid food in his mouth. Gave him Ayurvedic cancer medicine and homeopathy too as the doctor (Vet) said that chemotherapy wasn’t possible.

We all knew he won’t survive but still tried because he was (2-3 days back) used to go for walk and would refuse to return – he would insist to go to the pond park and far beyond that too. He didn’t seem ill – he just couldn’t eat … that was the only bad symptom we would see. Yes of course – he had lost a few kgs but we used to think that because he goes for such long walk (more or less 7-8 kms) that is the reason for so much weight lose. Maa read somewhere that with old age dogs heart gets weak – exercise will keep him fit and off course regular brushing his teeth will extend his life span as well. She used to take care of both Beelu and Peelu – i used to tell everyone that my mother will be worried more for Peelu and Beelu than me. She would first ask if Peelu has eaten and then about me having eaten anything.

i know her sadness is more than mine – from last few months her knee is giving her much pain and trouble – but still she used to go for walk with Peelu as he liked company and if not given he would return home from a short distance even though he loved going for long walk.She was sad while looking at the stick that she used to carry while go for walk with Peelu – saying that now with whom she would go for walk.

From recent time Peelu had developed this habit (going for long walk) maybe from beginning or mid August. Even if i tried to take a short cut – he would refuse by making him stiff and the minute you loosen the chain – he would walk to the direction he wanted to go. Anupam and maa used to take him for walk – i used to take him for walk in the morning but after October seldom i had taken him for walk. From mid December Joyda used to take him for walk in the morning – he lives in Ghaziyabad now … otherwise he and Anupam used to take Peelu for walk.

We only had to say the word “Cholo” (which means – let’s go) and he would jump out of the bed … ready to go waging his tail. Actually he used to take us for walk rather than we taking him for walk.

He loved nearly all small creature – his favourite were the piglets. He used to make us ran when he saw any herd of piglets. We used to tell him – ” See Peelu their mother would bite you – don’t disturb them”. He even liked goats – he knew which lane they lived. He used to pull towards that lane and on reaching that house – he used to look at the goats with awe !! We used to pull him and had to say many time that Peelu “let’s move on – we’re getting late to go home” .. and only then he used to move but reluctantly.

i remember one day we crossed a calf – it was being pulled by its owner. Peelu stopped the minute he saw the calf – (on the road that runs along the park opp. Mother Dairy) and remained there till they passed us. After a minute or two i pulled him saying – “let’s go-getting late-the sun is up on our head-getting hot”.He started to walk but kept looking at the calf – till they (at last) entered another lane and disappeared in it. Me and maa wonder – what Peelu was thinking of – what he felt seeing the calf. Maybe he had not seen such a small calf and he wonder what sort of creature that day maa was saying – “In next birth he might became a human being as he is always curious to know things or say the world. Yes of course i too pray to God Almight to give him a good human life – so that he can enjoy whatever we couldn’t (unconsciously) give him and to do good to human race.

Actually after Beelu’s death Peelu had changed a lot – his behaviour-his characteristic- altogether he somehow aged all of a sudden. His eyes didn’t shine with that glow of naughtiness nor was he mischief any more – neither did he raided the kitchen dustbin to eat those extra chicken bone … but off course before he fell ill – he was never satisfied with as much as we may give – be it chicken-panner-pakoras-cheese-or sweets. With sweets i remember -one year on Diwali (Beelu was still alive) we had bought sweet for puja as well as to give to our neighbours. After puja and sweet distribution among neighbours – quite a lot of gulabjamun were left in the packet. We’re all (including Beelu and Peelu) gone upstair to see the light and fire cracker – after a little while we noticed that Peelu was missing. We came down and saw Peelu galloping the gulabjamuns and as he saw us approaching him … he quicken himself. As we tried to take the packet away (which had only a few left) he warned us not to disturb him.

There’re many more such incident – once when Baba came from Brazil on home leave … he bought 1/2 kg mutton (goat meat). Baba washed it and kept it on the slab near the sink. We never thought Beelu and Peelu could reach it – even the thought that they will try to reach it didn’t cross our mind… but Peelu was more curious to know what was being wash so carefully and kept there. He actually ate more than half of it when Baba noticed that his favourite goat meat has been tasted before he could even cooked it.

They both created such a situation where we got angry and laughed at the same time. Once when they were very young – we went to some place shopping and before leaving … we forgot to close the shoe rack door. On returning we saw shoe lying all over the place and they have chewed one from each pair of shoe as so that the pair of shoe become useless.

They loved the plants i used to plant – they loved them so much that even their (plants) died body couldn’t be found only a mess of soil all over the rooftop. i made a partition – grilled the plant on one side of the roof … but still Peelu used to get through those grill parting. i finally use house-wire to narrow the grill parting – so that i can keep my plants safe from Beelu and Peelu.

They used to do all their naughty things together – so when Beelu died (of cancer too – unfortunately) … Peelu had became lonely as his only friend Beelu left us. i guess it was a big shock and deep sadness that forced him to change.

Am i sad for he is no more – off course YES !! He filled our life with so much joy and happiness that it was worth coming home and see him wage his tail – all the tiredness and tension would disappeared in thin air within seconds. It’s unfortunate that he had such a difficult disease – surviving was impossible. Happy that we let him go – it was the most difficult situation in our life. We cried and cried and cried !! – but now feel somehow happy that he is suffering no more … all these days he suffered and suffered a lot but now he is at peace – we may not see him (physically) welcoming us home or asking us to take him for walk or wanting to know what we’re eating or what we’ve eaten. But i know he is right now with us and in future too will remain with us – in our fond memories which we will all cherish every minute of each day of our life !!


We all miss u !

P.S. will upload Beelu’s photo few weeks later.