Lodhi Garden – A quiet spot amidst the hustle bustle of Delhi !

Sheesh Gumbad

Lodhi Garden has both the things that i love – historical monuments & green nature with huge trees – gives a feeling of sorted jungle !
… and yet it is very safe to roam around alone – or just sit at one quiet corner of the garden.
A blend of art and peace – a quiet corner around the Tomb of Sikandar Lodhi. Captured by @suparna.ray

Tomb of Sikandar Lodhi

While sitting around these monument … i always wonder – how this place looked in the 14th century – when the first tomb was built.
The garden looks beautiful in all season … even the summer looks vibrant and colorful ! Captured by @aparna_pramanik

The Lake

Our favorite spot in Lodhi Garden is around the “small lake”. My niece loves to watch and feed the goose.
Goose around the Lake.
The goose also roam around on the land around the lake – which is a beautiful sight too !
It is a great place for people who love to walk. I personally love the time around February – March, when Neem trees shed their leaves. Walking under those huge Neem trees gives an extraordinary feeling.

Tomb of Muhammed Shah

Lodhi Garden is also a great place to test and improve ones photography skills too !
It’s a great place for quiet get together – sit around – eat – play – click photos … perfect peaceful day out !
…. and click some “exotic” photos !!

Sheesh Gumbad

Just avoid weekends … when it does get crowded sometimes – but the garden is big enough for anyone to find a quiet place for themselves !