Beautiful moments !!

On a warm sunny day…  walking on the naturally shaded path of Lodhi Garden – neem leaves falling on us as cool breeze sweep through the huge neem tree. Some unknown bird chripping from the near by tree …. occassionally a squirrel or two cross our path. As we turn the corner – we see a shurb with white bloom … name ?  we don’t know – it doesn’t have any fragrance yet we were bewitched by its soft but firm white petals – we ask the “mali” (gardener) … even he doesn’t know – and still we find the whole thing beautiful !

or the moment when black clouds cover the sky …. through the open window cool wind whisper softly  in my hair … the first monsoon rain – children enjoying the rain shower – the rain drop dripping from the leaves – the bird ruffle its feathers to blow off the rain of her feather in a dry shade – the freshness the greenery the wetness that is left behind after the rain is gone.

or on a burning hot summer day …  i have no choice but to finish my pending work – as i struggle through my work …  get drenched in sweat – a glass of chilled “aampana” may rescue me from dehydration but certainly a big bowel of “butter scott” icecream will definately be a beautiful thing … which for me taste heaven !!

or on a full moon night … we walk beneath the trees and moonlight peeps through the branches and play hide and seek ! Even on a moonless night …. far away from the city – we lay on the rooftop – looking at coutless twinkling stars – lazy warm breeze passing over us now and then. Moon or moonless both side of the coin is beautiful.

or on an autumn day … i sit near the open window – sunrays touches you softly – in the crystal blue sky white puffy clouds floats around – they seem to change shape from an elephant to a ship to a castle. “Durga puja” is around the corner – the thought puts a  smile on my face and a beautiful feeling with in.

or sitting on the rooftop before dawn … copper-orange color brightens the eastern sky – parrots in flock flys over my head and in a minute vanishs towards the south western sky. Enjoying the sound of nature as i can hear a peacock cry out to tell that a fresh new day is ready to embrace me … i get lost in the nature and the whole atmosphere seems to be beautiful.

Laying in bed … quite late at night – listening to Gulam Ali’s gazal “Zindagi se yehi gila hai mujhe … tu bohut dar se milla hai mujhe” . Thinking what to post next in my blog – why not write somethings which cheers me the minute i think of it … Moments that make my life Beautiful !!