My Dear Baba …. Father !!

I never thought in my wildest dream that i will be writing this for my father too … 15 days after my uncle died, my dear father passed away too.

On April 7th just past midnight we got a call from Kolkata … where baba was staying with my cousin Anima. They called my brother …. and he finally told the saddest news of our life that baba is no more !

It was the most difficult and saddest moment of our life …. we felt as if we’re dreaming it all. Nothing seemed real. We have seen so many places … studied in so many different school … had experienced so many different thing in life …all  because of him – actually what we are today is for our baba.

i wish i would have shown him or told him more …. that how much and what he meant for me …. but we take things for granted and never realize …. what we have today may not be there tomorrow.

It’s meaningless to write that he was a great human being …. because he will shine like a bright star in the heart of  all the people who knew him. Very caring and loving. He helped everyone he knew in some way or the other. I am at lost of words …. actually no words i write can match his greatness or personality. Simply outstanding human being …. i can realize it now more …. when he is no more – of course he is alive in our heart and will remain so till we live !!

Baba loved me more than he loved any one else. i too miss him very much …. no doubt … time will heal the pain but i want to remember him and miss him always.

dsc03481One of baba’s favorite flower … siuli !!