end or beginning of a new year ….

….. well for me it’s a brand new day that will lead to another new day and so on …. if one thinks of it – it might gets complex and philosophical – i love both ! Anyway life is still the same …. beautiful and full of tension and worries. There so many things to be done and achieve …. one nice thing is that i have lost weight and have more or less kept it there. i am hoping to improve my financial situation … lets see how much i can do or achieve.

There are many things happening around me :  i have neglected my dear blog  … which i hopefully will improve this coming year – have visited many places Guwahati, Karimganj (to my uncle’s house), Uttarkand. So i actually have so many things or articles to write about my travelling – but i guess i am short of time …. busy with my boutique. i am not complaining –  i am rather happy about it too …. as my boutique is growing day by day ….. happy very happy – may “Maa” keep her blessing with me always.

My parents are coming back (for good) from Denmark …. so happy and excited and worried at the same time because my maa likes neat and clean house which we don’t keep …. lazy or do not get time – i really can’t say ….. anyway i’m more happy than worried.

As a whole i am happy …. so lets celebrate and welcome the new day – new life – new happiness !!  …… Lets all have a very Happy New Beginning !!