Last part of the Norway cruise !

After roaming and sight seeing the Oslo city – we walked along the harbour and reached the fort ‘Akershus Fortress’ ….. which again wasn’t anything like any of the Indian fort – but still attractive and pleasant to walk around. The most amazing part was the age of the fortress – more or less 8oo years old and that was the most attractive thing about it. Walking around in history was surly a pleasure. It was just by the sea which also created a beautiful background. There were very few people around – mostly tourist.


Akershus Fortress is a medieval castle that was built to protect Oslo. The first construction was started in late 1290s. The fortress was first used in battle in 13o8 – when it was besieged by the Swedish duke Eric of Sodermanland. At that time the majority of Norwegian commerce was by sea …. so it was an ideal point of place for the military force – and it was strategically an important place as a capital… therefore whoever ruled Akershus Fortress ruled Norway. The fortress was modernized and remodeled in early 17th century by King Christian IV and thereafter got the look of a renaissance castle. It has also been used as a prison … that section is known as The Slavery. From there –  prisoners were rented out in the city for work. Akershus fortress is still a military area but it’s open to public.






It was getting close to 5 o’clock and was time for us to head towards our ship … but actually we got little lost and had to ask for direction. We reached the ship on time …. after keeping our things in the cabin – we went straight to the top deck and stayed there for sometime. As we went on the 12th deck – it was crowded with people drinking beer and enjoying the jacuzzi bath …. a very different sight compare to the day before when we left Copenhagen. The reason was – it was cloudy and cold in Copenhagen but there at Oslo it was bright and warm …. and so people enjoying the beautiful day. i took a little more photos. Finally the ship left the Oslo harbor …. yes off course – after playing the Norway anthem. As the ship left the harbor – many seagull began flying with our moving ship. Maa was saying “they’re flying over us in hope that someone would give them something to eat … but we don’t have anything” It was a different experience as i had never seen birds begin so fearless of human …. but what i was about to see was more shocking and surprising! A young lady came with bread in her hand and she tore a piece of it and held it in her hand and one of the seagull came and ate it  …. she fed the whole bread (actually whole 2 bread) to this bird and still that “shameless bird” was asking for more as it refused to go away. It was a wonderful sight. We stayed there a little longer and then moved downstairs. The evening was event less and so was the night …. well Thank God for that part though.


In the morning – we (maa and i) woke up before sunrise …. came out on the 9th floor deck (the same on which we’re staying). It was a sight to die for …. broken clouds had created a coral reef like shade in the sky – which was colored in all shade of red and pink. i couldn’t believe my eyes. It just seemed a different world all together. It seemed as if those clouds were very close to us  …. another 10 storey building may make us touch those colourful clouds. Slowly as the sun began to rise – those coral reef like clouds disappeared …. as if  they melted away into the deep blue sky. The bright sun came up and everything turned golden orange.




Actually watching sunrise is an extra ordinary experience in itself altogether. u wait for the sun to rise – it seems as if it may rise now or anytime now …. and yet u wait for another half an hour. Then finally u see the sun peeps at the horizon …. making everything around and surround golden orange – an awesome moment – you try to relax and enjoy it but the minute you close your eyes and open again – you will find the Sun God has climbed up 5 mts.(at least) in the sky …. force you to leave behind that relaxing mood and gear up to the bright day ahead. But it didn’t remain the same for us – because as we nearer to Copenhagen …. it became cloudy and cold wind welcome us to Copenhagen.



More or less the return journey was not exciting but neither bad – and anyway return journeys are always non-happening. True  – return journey may not be interesting but as a whole my Norway cruise trip was one of the best trip of my life.  so exciting and memorable !!