Life … full of problems !!

Is it true people create their own problems or is it written forehand.

A day or two back i was talking to my friend and her mother. As my friend says “from the day i opened my eyes – i have seen n heard that she has so and so problems … one ends the other starts”. i had to laugh – had no choice as i wanted to ease the situation. They both had a fight. Anyhow – the main issue was (i have to agree too !) that she does have numerous problems. i thought about it and thought hard to find a solution. At first i thought … maybe she is a attention seeker – by always chanting about her problem she wants sympathy from others. i thought about her problems too … and some of them seem to be beyond her control and some health issue which she can solve by consulting the right doctor.

i guess … some problems are created by us and others that are beyond our control – n so in everybody’s life there are countless problems. It actually depend how one hands it. One of my customer who stitch her salwar-kamij from my shop … told me today that her 16 year old daughter had to be operated for appendix. Now she is fine but they really had to go through a rough phase … short but surely hell ! This was a problem that was really beyond her reach. She couldn’t do anything except to go through it. These sort of problems are real problems.

There is another case : where the husband and wife has differences and so rises the problem.  The wife wants to show off her husband’s money – which is not that bad if it’s to a limit. If you spend most of his salary on your relative and do not save for the rainy day then it’s wrong. When the house budget is tight and still you spend unlimitly on unnecessary luxury – it’s not right. These family problems give head and heartache. This husband and wife is on the verge of getting divorce … and it’s fine too – the husband is working with a private firm and earning huge salary – if he gets divorce and then marry someone better, it can make his life simpler. But there is a another problem … they’ve 2 daughter kids and they will be the one who will pay the penalty for their parents deed. Sad ! i kknow … but what to do – life’s full of problems.

Actually everybody’s life is full of problems  and it depends on you – how you handle the sitution. This doesn’t mean if  you’re emotional you won’t be able to solve your problem. For emotional people – they should know one thing … either listen to our heart or listen to our head – they shouldn’t fellow both. Be on one side and firmly stick to it … n believe me life will be much easier n BEAUTIFUL !!

i really do not have a solution for those who got married to the wrong person. Have heard many incident where the husband n wife do not get along even though they have huge amount of money to spend on themselves  – some say money can people happiness … so it is NOT true – money can’t buy happiness ! If i say it this way : “money can help u buy happiness “- then i gues it won’t sound every wrong. See if someone met with an accident … money can definately help them out from that bad situation n bring happiness in form of – back to normal health. But i guess i wasn’t talking about “money” … it is about problems in life n it’s a endless topic. i can write about it the whole night without getting to any conclusion – so it’s better i stop right now.

i won’t repeat what everyone says : life is short , live in today, life is beautiful be happy … and so on !!