Yet another …. New Year !!!

New Year Celebration …. treating with Semolina pudding ! Yet again i’m late to post this recipe. It’s more than a week into January whereas i thought i would write this post by 3rd or 4th of January. My weakness is being reluctant. i always think that … yes i will do it today evening ( because at day time i’m at work in my tiny boutique – so evenings are what i get) and by the time i get 

Elo-Jhelo …. sweet pastry !!

On Bhai Photo (Bhaiya Doj) – we …. ie. Maa and i – made Elo-Jhelo. Didn’t get the time to write the days account and the recipe. i was being lazy – thought of writing it today – then tomorrow – then the day after tomorrow and actually that tomorrow didn’t come but that day arrived when our Honorable Prime Minister changed our life by announcing the demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs 1000 note. i was over joyed at 

Durga Puja – 2016

This Durga puja  …. was quite a different one. Went to some old and traditional Durga pandals. Civil Line Durga Puja …. organised by Bengal Club !! Last year – we ….jethu (uncle) and me ….. saw an article in the newspaper – about a Durga puja samity that is 106 years old last year.  They perform puja in a very simple and very traditional way … just like the way it was done in 1910 when it was established. 

Coconut Ladoo ….

Yesterday  morning when i went on my rooftop to see and water the plants …. i saw these long and fragile fungus like mushroom . Took few photos and began to wonder – nature is so amazing ….. it creates weird as well as stunning things. We mere human can only watch and adore … i always tell people to take little time out of their busy schedule and look around …. enjoy the nature …. breath some fresh air 

Color my life …. Pink !!

  Let me start a fresh beginning at my blog …. and this time round without being lazy …. just like my Pink and White bougainvillea … adding color to my life and garden ….. i too will add different shades of my thought and moods to my blog …. let’s hope for the best !!