Mint …. from my Garden !!

This January – when i came back from jethu’s home (Karimganj – Assam) – i brought few plants with me. Jethu has the best garden i have ever seen … actually their weather is moist due to high humidity and cool through out the year – unlike our Delhi weather … unbearable hot in summer and extreme cold in winter. Not only the weather is good at Karimganj – but he looks after his plants very well.  For a matter 

Namkeen Poha !!

Chire-poha-flak rice – they’re all the same. For me chire is associate with misti dahi and sandesh – ripe jackfruit and juicy mango. These are eaten on “Jamai-Shosti” – a festival where daughter’s parents express their love towards their son-in-law … a sort of Son-in-law Day like Father Day or Mother Day. When i was very young – we used to go to our Nani’s house on this day and use to enjoy the special treat. Even on many puja 

To Bageshwar … via Baijnath !

 Fish gathered at the temple ghat… From Kausani we went to Baijinath – stayed the night at the Baijinath TRH. Main attraction of Baijinath is suppose to be the “Baijinath temple” but before anyone sees the temple – they straight heads towards the temple ghat … to see the fishes in the Gomti river. There’re many fishes (same kind) but small and big. I too was fascinated by seeing so many fishes – some of them were really big … 

To Kausani … via Dunagiri !

On our way to Dunagiri … these photos were taken just outside Ranikhet. From Ranikhet – we went to Dunagiri. There is a small holiday camp site run by the KMVN – now wooden cottage were being built. We stayed at one of the two old rooms they had – which were in very bad condition. We went there as we’re told that it’s a very peaceful and lonely place – not many people visit Dunagiri. Also Harish was there 

Gujiya … sweet n salty !

Why gujiyas are made on Holi? – i wonder. On this my neighbouring Tanwar aunty said – ” The reason is to celebrate the end of dull and dry chilled winter and to welcome the colorful spring with colors of Holi”. i still didn’t get why gujiya? She said – ” Look when someone gets bored – they tend to like crispy and flavour full sweet things – which they can eat and share with their neighbours – as we