To Bageshwar … via Baijnath !

¬†Fish gathered at the temple ghat… From Kausani we went to Baijinath – stayed the night at the Baijinath TRH. Main attraction of Baijinath is suppose to be the “Baijinath temple” but before anyone sees the temple – they straight heads towards the temple ghat … to see the fishes in the Gomti river. There’re many fishes (same kind) but small and big. I too was fascinated by seeing so many fishes – some of them were really big … 

To Kausani … via Dunagiri !

On our way to Dunagiri … these photos were taken just outside Ranikhet. From Ranikhet – we went to Dunagiri. There is a small holiday camp site run by the KMVN – now wooden cottage were being built. We stayed at one of the two old rooms they had – which were in very bad condition. We went there as we’re told that it’s a very peaceful and lonely place – not many people visit Dunagiri. Also Harish was there 

Gujiya … sweet n salty !

Why gujiyas are made on Holi? – i wonder. On this my neighbouring Tanwar aunty said – ” The reason is to celebrate the end of dull and dry chilled winter and to welcome the colorful spring with colors of Holi”. i still didn’t get why gujiya? She said – ” Look when someone gets bored – they tend to like crispy and flavour full sweet things – which they can eat and share with their neighbours – as we 

Tomato cream with Tuna … Pasta !

First time i ate pasta was when i was in grade 7 in Rome (Italy). i was in an international British school (St.George’s English School). It was a Friday – so for lunch we has fish finger n french fries – ice-cream and spaghetti (pasta). i was going to eat pasta for the first time and that too spaghetti – it wouldn’t have been difficult if it were penne or farfalle or any other kind …. but i was saved 

Ranikhet Trip …. via Ramnagar !

It’s been a long time since we’re back from our trip to Ranikhet. This time the trip wasn’t that good – it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t as good as it should have been or compare to last years. Not only jethu had cold but things were not in right place either. The food – the weather – everthing seemed against our trip. This time we went by train (getting the train was also a different story – will write