My Dear Baba …. Father !!

I never thought in my wildest dream that i will be writing this for my father too … 15 days after my uncle died, my dear father passed away too. On April 7th just past midnight we got a call from Kolkata … where baba was staying with my cousin Anima. They called my brother …. and he finally told the saddest news of our life that baba is no more ! It was the most difficult and saddest moment 

End of a Soulful Life ….

One of my uncle (Deven meshomoshi) passed way on the night of 21st March ! He had malignant brain tumor – most rare and highly dangerous. This type of tumor spreads very fast and survival chance are almost nil. They (Anupam and Animesh … his sons) tried their best to get him well – but alas … their attempt  to make him well again  - failed. No one can understand or can feel the pain they’re going through … i 

Memorable Train Journey ….

It is not that i have not been to Kolkata for a long time. In fact last year itself i went to Kolkata with jethu  (my uncle) …. it was a beautiful trip. i write all my train journeys in my travel notebook, but i feel too lazy to write them here on my blog. After sometime – i feel these journeys are too old to be written here. This journey is special and memorable for three reasons. One – 

Yet another …. New Year !!!

New Year Celebration …. treating with Semolina pudding ! Yet again i’m late to post this recipe. It’s more than a week into January whereas i thought i would write this post by 3rd or 4th of January. My weakness is being reluctant. i always think that … yes i will do it today evening ( because at day time i’m at work in my tiny boutique – so evenings are what i get) and by the time i get 

Elo-Jhelo …. sweet pastry !!

On Bhai Photo (Bhaiya Doj) – we …. ie. Maa and i – made Elo-Jhelo. Didn’t get the time to write the days account and the recipe. i was being lazy – thought of writing it today – then tomorrow – then the day after tomorrow and actually that tomorrow didn’t come but that day arrived when our Honorable Prime Minister changed our life by announcing the demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs 1000 note. i was over joyed at