i guess i’m BACK !!

In the past few months i wasn’t regular in writing post or say updating my blog. I’ll try to be as regular as possible. My jethu (uncle ) who has come from Karimganj (Assam) is not very well esp. past few weeks. Sometimes it seems that he’s getting better and then all of a sudden he feels very weak again. From last year – he has lost a lot of weight …  he looks very weak too. He will be leaving for Karimganj – most probably by the mid of March. i know he’ll be better there as the weather is quite moderate and cool ….  i want him to get back in form again. i know his age is a factor but with yoga everything is possible. i’ll insist he does it – let’s see !! The funny thing is that he is the one who kept telling me the benefits of yoga n meditation – now he doesn’t do them himself.

Well from yoga n meditation ….. i remember that it won’t be long when i will be somewhat look like a pumpkin and  a huge one without doubt. i exactly know what i have to do n don’t but still don’t get my maths right – i add more calories and minus less …. so how would that work !!

i know Exercise is a MUST ! any sort of exercise will do as long as i sweat. Cut down on SWEETS n fast food …. (i avoid these food as they’re not good for skin). Shouldn’t skip BREAKFAST. Keep my body HYDRATE. Eat more green n protein …. protein helps build muscle … n muscle helps burn more fat. Actually one should eat many different COLOR food as one can – like orange papaya or orange itself, yellow banana  – semi green musami – purple grapes – red pomegranate. Infact all seasonal fruits are good for health and off course vegetables too. And i’m not one of those who fuse over eating vegies … the fact is i love them. i guess my whole problem is that i love food too much. i don’t have any particular food choice … well i have to do something !!


Hope my jethu gets back in form till i see him next … n that is by the first week of November !!