…. Out of train’s Window !

Trip to Kolkata was good … esp train journey. Took so many pohotos. We  (me n my mom) reached New Delhi station one hour prior to the departure time …  but we didn’t know that that day “Sealdah Rajdhani” was late by 2 hours. We spend those hours by watching other train leaving station,  people gossiping with their relatives n friends and people buying books at the bookstall near by. i too thought of buying a book – if i find something interesting … i read all the book title that were in display and found nothing interesting. But other people came and bought books  – i read their name and thought “how came they get so interesting books while i didn’t”  …. so i again read all the titles and still found nothing interesting 🙁

Finally the train entered the platform  and we settled down in our side berth. The window at our side was pretty clear … but soon evening fell and nothing could be seen outside. I never get bored while travelling by train even if i travel alone – though i have never.

The quality of food was not so good … but ate any how as we were very tired. Breakfast n snacks were better !!


Usually i can’t sleep in train … i wake up at intervals – always wakeup at “Kanpur Central” n “Allahbad” so always see the river Gange – it was huge (lamp post were there on the river bank so it was possible to see but obviously not clear). At 5 am i wokeup again – saw the scenary out of the window and wouldn’t sleep again.

…. gone through “Bihar” many times before but never found it so beautiful !! with so many mountains n hills and when clouds covered their head … it looked amazing !!


The meandering rivers which people crossed by foot as it had become very swallow. Near by there didn’t seem any locality … but still could see people crossing the river – wonder where they’re from or where they’re heading to .. bit mystrious ! The first one is the “Phalgu river” and the second one is “Barakar river” …. love the way they meander. The third one is just an overflown river channel.




And then those tall palm trees standing high in the middle of the paddy fields with small pond near by. It looked very calm and peaceful place but at the same time very alonely too.  If i had to live there, i guess i wouldn’t. At night this place would be so dark and quiet … little scary too !! but at day time it seemed like a picture perfect.


The man standing under the tree seems to enjoy the sight of his cows gazing on lash green grass  …. maybe little worried to see the black clounds which may bust anytime. But i guess it looks perfect from a distance – if one gets to live their life … it may not be so beautiful and soothing ! OR maybe he does enjoy to be close to nature and be a part of it all – who knowns …. !!


And there comes the rain  …. i do love rain !!  It gives a very longing yet romantic feeling. Refreshing everything around and making things clean n lively.


At Bardhaman … puffy cotton wool clouds covering the crystal blue sky and prallel to it runs the green paddy fields as far as eyes go – one can only see green fields and rarely humans too !!


Finally at 1:15 pm  … we reached Sealdah station where ny uncle was waiting for us. Took a local train n reached their house. Ate a delicious “Parshe machh-er jhaal” n rice. Met their new cats “Prince n Shelley”. There are pretty curious about everything n love to eat !!