Colorful Holi …

This is one festival i have never enjoyed. If i m to think when was the last time i played holi – i seriously can’t remember. Few years ago i found an old photograph … i was about 4 or 5 year old – standing with my parents and their friends after holi. Unfortunately or fortunately … it was a black n white photograph – but the “abir” could be seen on my entire head. Hate is a strong word so i really can’t say i hate holi but i certainly do not like it not at all.


Another time i remember playing holi was when we were in Karachi (Pakistan) … i was covered with “abir” from head to toe – but at that time all i can remember is that it wasn’t like these days. I was able to identify myself when i look at myself in the mirror. Third time i remember i played holi when i was in grade 10. Did i enjoyed it ? …. well it was quite cold n everyone were busy pouring colored water at each other. I went to one of my auntie’s house as there’re many kids. i guess i don’t like holi because the way it is played now a days. Using strong unwashable colors … which will stay on you for days. Tomorrow people would be seen with colored hands – hair – and even ears.  Yes i enjoy watching people playing holi and its after effect.

And now a days it’s impossible to recognise my neighbours …. i guess for all those who love this day would say – “This is the beauty of the festival”  i won’t say anything. This holi day doesn’t interest me but the day before is very interesting when they (northen indians) burn the bonfire and follow all the rituals with a huge moon in the sky …. i really like it !!

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  1. First time here i think and read a few articles ..

    Happy holi to you .. well at least you can go out and have fun here in UK i did not even know it was holi.. if i was at home I would have had such a good time ..


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