Lodhi Garden !

Last to last sunday … went to Lodhi garden. It has always been my favorite garden in Delhi. It’s more or less like the Botanical Garden (near which we lived) in Durban – South Africa. The similarity in both the gardens is that they have lots of visitors – people came for walk/ jogging or to have a little get together or to enjoy the nature …. but still they have this quiet and calm peaceful environment which i love !!

Lodhi garden isn’t huge neither small …. but love to have a peaceful walk on those path with neem leaves falling on you – it simply gives a beautiful feeling. One doesn’t have to worry about the safety – it’s quite safe to roam around anywhere in the garden … but off course it’s always better to be on the safer side and visit the garden on weekends as there’re many families who come to have small picnic.

Another thing that attract me beside the greener nature is the old monuments … they’re amazingly beautiful. Off course i love old architecture and actually this is the main reason why i love Delhi so much even though it has such a awfully harsh weather. i can spend the whole day around those tombs n adore its architecture  – watch the birds and those colorful blooms. Planning to visit it again but little late maybe first week of May !