Beautiful rose !!


Last sunday bought a rose plant from a plant vendor. i always wanted to plant a rose plant but they’re quite fussy and get infected by so many different bugs and i really do not get that much time to look after them all the time. But i couldn’t resist myself and finally bought this one. It’s a very common one and most of the people won’t ever get excited about it … it is that common – but i guess i like what others don’t really like. Roses that are sold in the flower shop do not fascinate me … i would never like to grow them in my garden. i love those beautiful wild roses – those which grow in bunches …. those with many petals and also those with fewer petals.


i remember Jethu (from Assam) has a rose plant – the roses are of light purple color – it’s really very beautiful. But i didn’t take its  photo – i’m dumb …. i know !! This one was another type of rose at jethu’s house – which i really liked and took its pic. too 🙂 i also brought one of its stem but couldn’t make it survive.

When i bought this plant – it had a flower and two buds which may bloom anyday …. today when i went to the shop – i found those buds transformed into beautiful bloom. i was automatically smiling and then i felt sad as i didn’t have my camera with me. Then suddenly i remembered that my cellphone has a camera too – better to get something then nothing. But now i m realising that my cellphone camera isn’t that bad. i really love these flowers. But yes ! i hope i will make it survive … this is my biggest fear.  i hate when any of my plant die. i’ll try my best !!



Recently i went to see one of my friend (Kamal’s) brother at the Army Hospital – There were many rose plants of different colors – from all of them i really like these two type : the above one is my favorite – white rose growing in cluster. They looked divine ! Even the Army hospital in general was very beautiful  … with lots of greenery and peacocks. It was such a peaceful place – didn’t seem like a hospital.

It’s getting really very hot in Delhi and don’t know when monsoom with arrive here – in this hot weather it’s hard to keep alive those well settled plants and this one is quite fragile and newly planted … it may not be able to bear the heat !! Let’s hope for the BEST 🙂

Care for rose plant : Well-drained soil with optimum sunlight. Clay or loamy soil are ideal. Keep the rose plant moist all the time but never allow the roots to sit in water – otherwise they will rot …. also the plant becomes more vunerable to diseases. Cow manure is best preffered as fertilizer. Propagte using hardwood cutting !!