Yellow Friday :)

I’ve been listening to radio mirchi about  “Ghar ki yaad aaye to ghar ka radio bajne de jara” …… ( missing ur hometown then tune in to ur hometown radio ) … !!

I got excited as i am living in Delhi n yes !  i do miss bengali old songs. Thought like in Delhi we have “retro deewane” n “purani jeans” … mirchi kolkata too will have something similar – where old bengali songs are played.

So finally called at the number they say … and subscribed for a week .  All my expectation came shuttering down to mud !! …. as all i can listen at kolkata mirchi is hindi songs – even in request program…

I wander if Kolkata people really listen to Bengali songs … if No !  – then why did radio mirchi started this “funda” on the first place. If i’m to listen to hindi songs then why listen to kolkata mirchi … would rather listen to “Stuti”.

This is not  fair at all  .. didn’t expect this from Airtel n radio mirchi … this is really nonsense .. !!!


Anyway … enjoy the  “Yellow Friday” – enjoy the weekend !!