Rome …

Yes … fall in love with the city Rome (Italy) when we went there to stay for 3 years (1991-1994). Some of the most  beautiful memories in my life are of Rome.  It had all the things to fall in love with … yummy food – amazing architecture – mesmerizing nature – gorgeous people and awesome climate.

I still remember there wasn’t any particular rainy season … but in winter it used to rain more. The whole night it would rain n in the morning it would be all gone … leaving  behind wet n beautiful roads n trees.

Remember sitting in the warm room – would hear the rain fall n sometime the thunder too … which made the glass window vibrate. Sometime when u open the window … wet n cold wind would embrace u. You close the window n get back to ur bed (which is just next to the window) and carry on doing ur homework …. maybe a sketch  for the Art class … while still hearing the rain pouring down from the dark grey sky. It was while staying in of  Rome –  that i began to love rain.

From our school (St.Gorge’s English School at La storta) … we went to many places in the countryside – unfortunetly can’t remember the names  anymore … saw rivers – palaces with French influence – gardens – mountains … in which caves were made. How did they reached there ? We were made to think by our teacher … why aren’t anyone living in the village at the top of that mountain anymore? … Did they left/died because of the deadly disease “Plague”.

But at that time i couldn’t think what the teacher wanted us to think  …. i used to get lost in the beauty of the nature. Lost  gazing at the river that’s rushing down the not so steep mountain. The birds busy chattering as if it’s the only day left in their life. The cool breeze whispers in ur ears ..  in an unknow language and still u can feel it … love it !!

The more i write – the more i long to go back  ….

Trip to the city is as splendid as exploring the countryside. Rome is full of amazing intricate artwork …. be it the churches – the squares (piazza as they call it) – the bridges – the mesmerizing paintings … everything !!!  It’s Rome that made me love and admire the beauty of architecture n artwork.



Top left : Piazza Navona  – Top right :Piazza della Rotanda – Bottom :Palazzo del Grillo … once residence of the famous marquis .            p.s. all these photos are by Giancarlo Gasponi ..

Sometime u could hear ur neighbours having a get  together …. drinking – eating – playing guitar and singing … they’re full of life. But the music was never too loud … as they cared for their neighbours too !!

While talking about Rome … i can’t miss out on pizza – cheese –  pasta – wine (which i never tasted … never even thought of it either). For breakfast  … most Romans had pizza which was very simple with cheese n tomato topping – and believe me .. it tasted like “heaven” .. Nowhere in the world can match it’s taste … 🙂  They had their pasta simple too .. again with grated cheese n fresh tomato puree. I never has the courage to taste it  … always had my pasta with yummy n creamy sauce – n the taste  ….. Oh God ! depot me to Rome – the Heaven on earth !!