Pink n White !


Rain … rain where r u dear … waiting for u since forever (it seems to be so..)  !  Please come soon – can’t take the heat any more ..

Hope to have a Great week ahead everyone  … 🙂  Bright Sunday series !!

13 thoughts on “Pink n White !

  1. Hi Sharmila!

    It’s my first time here on your blog; found my way here through Debosmita’s.

    You take very nice pictures. I particularly love the way you compose these shots, very creative. I also like the way you have watermarked your pictures. Did you use Photoshop for this? If you mind, would you please tell me how this was done?


  2. Thanks Nadia … for visiting my blog n appreciating my pics. … but sorry dear i won’t be able to help as this is created by my cousin who’s a web designer n expert at photoshop …. i just got to learn how to drag this logo from one pic to another … so that i don’t have to bother her every time i post a pic. For u i asked her too but she says it’s little complicated to teach in written … so sorry again 🙁

  3. Hey, it’s okay 🙂

    What I need to do is find myself a friend who knows Photoshop well.

    Keep taking great pictures!

  4. Thanks Kala for ur appreciation … these flowers are actually Beautiful so every shot of it turns out to be Beautiful 🙂

    Purba – n it rained within an hour … that was a real coincidence !! Thanks for ur visit 🙂

  5. I love your pictures. All of them. The flowers are wonderful but the neem leaves with rain drops on them is my favourite. So monsoony. Shall get my friend who knows photoshop to do me a logo too for the pictures. Am a copycat, I know!

  6. Thanks Magiceye ….

    Joshi Daniel …. indeed the flower it self is beautiful with its 2 shades n so every shot of it is Lovely 🙂

    Sangitha … no i don’t consider it as copycat – u r inspired by it too have it for ur self too … waiting to see urs 🙂

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