Colourful … Life with friends !!

Few years back … all the nasty people were my so called friends. They would be my friend till they get their work done or till they get another friend.

In Rome … i got my first n last  BEST  friend.  At that time i never realised how true her friendship was. She used to tell me … when i will lose her then only will i realise –  what i lost !!  And truely it is so … i’m still looking or say searching for her. Didn’t find her on facebook either.

I actually misplaced her address …. then i went to South Africa – got her last letter … she  thought  i didn’t get her letters – so she stopped writing !!

Her name Mao Mao Cheng … she was from China. Her mother worked for the FAO (Food n Agricultural Organisation). Her father was a painter. Don’t know how to contact her … God knows where she is now !

i sometime wonder … is she  looking for me too ?

After  Mao Mao …. i never got a true friend. Do i miss something in life … accept her – nothing much really !!  Now a days most of my “Friends” are either younger to me or older than me. i find it easier to maintain the friendship relation with them only.

I finished my graduation years ago … n have friends (Piyali n Shilpi) who’re in 1st year now … they both are unique (in their own way) n are full of life.  Piyali … even though she is quite young but still have the sense of maturity – but that doesn’t make her sound or look over aged … she is lovely n lively – have good sense of dressing too.

Whereas Shilpi … is totally like a bollywood masala movie … endless entertainment !! Recently  … i went to our second house after a long time – she said “Mani (my pet name) didi – why didn’t you come all these days … you know everyday seems to be so big … so big as an Ostrich” !!  i just couldn’t stop laughing.

I also have a friend who is not of my age yet not so younger than me. She is good too … we have a nice bonding.

One thing that’s common between me n Kamal is that …  we both are confussed n deppressed most of the time. when we go for shopping or for a walk  … we always have a great time  – we more or less have same thoughts and thinkings. Except  … she is a person who can do anything for her friends  and by anything she means absolutely anything.

For me it’s difficult to think it that way … but yes i can always be there when my friends want to pour their heart out. Listen to their problems  the whole day … comfort them !! Suggest them to do this or that … but physically i do that much as it is possible for me …

We have differences n things in common too … over all we’re good friends 🙂