Lazy Sunday !!

Only these two plants which uncle brought from Assam survived  the hot weather of Delhi !! Wish the monsoon had come a little earlier … then the others esp. the Begonia would have survived too!


THE RIGHT ONE : This is a species of  “Taro” (more scientificly  Colocasia  esculenta). The  leaves of this particular plant doesn’t grow more than 1/2 inch.  My uncle was telling me that it’s quite a rare plant n maybe that’s why i haven’t seen this plant at anybodys before.  This taro species doesn’t survive easily … they are pretty fragil – but i guess they like Delhi’s weather.

There was a time when i didn’t like non-flowering plant – but now i love them too 🙂 …… different shape n size – their colors – creaper or herbs – no matter whether it’s floral or non-floral – i simply love them all !!

Few day’s back i bought a “beel phool” plant (white flowering plant with amazing sweet smell) for Piyal’s mom as she wanted to plant a plant … any plant. Piyal one day asked me – if they can rent a plant from my place.  So i gifted the plant to them … they were happy to have it.

THE LEFT ONE : Little red flowers bunch will blossom on this plant. They’re of many types … with white, yellow, and even pink flower. When i told this to my uncle – he asked to buy that plant with any of those color for him.

Today we’re going to Santwana’s house for lunch … they live in Mahavir Enclave. There is a nursery near their place – have planned to visit the nursery. Let’s see if i find something interesting to bring back home 🙂

Enjoy the lazy Sunday !!