summer … in Delhi !

I was thinking living in Delhi is a waste as this few months of summer are unbearable. The dry wheather was getting on my nerves … everything looks so dry and lifeless.  Though it rained somewhere in Delhi yesterday but didn’t get a drop at my place.

Have been living here since i was 2 years old … so it’s quite a long time. What i like about this place : the histotrical monuments n it’s architecture – shopping market –  Lodhi Garden – the wide roads ….  at peak hours these roads are packed with cars – bikes – autos – buses and many other moving vehicles (which aren’t moving ) … creating traffic jam – which taste awful !   i guess in coming years this problem will be solved  as Dellhi metro is spreading  all over Dellhi n its NCR …. but actually traffic jams aren’t my problem … it’s the hot dry wheather.

Look at Mumbai … it never used to have so much rain but now from the past few years – monsoon floods Mumbai. Well i don’t  want flood in Dellhi … just want enough rain to wash way the heat – the dryness n the dust.

Today … right now – it seems as if  it may rain anytime … but can’t wait any longer ! My plants are dying … those plants that my uncle brought from Assam – 2 of them are in critical situation n the other two are pretty good. Hoping they will flourish in the rain water … and if they don’t they will never. My plants are the reason too for desperately waiting for the rain.

Now lets wait n watch !!


while i was writing this post … it drizzle –  but that wasn’t what i wanted.  i thought of heavy rain … which would bring relief  – which would make the white rain lilly to blossom again this year !!