Lives in our heart …

It was Pancham da’s (R D Burman) birthday today …  he is my all time favorite music composer. There are many songs  composed  by him that i simple love. Some are : Wada karo nahin chhodoge (aa gale lag ja) – Wadiyan mera daman (abhilasha) – Roz roz ankho tale (jeeva) – Rimjhim gire sawan (manzil) –  puchho na yaar kya hua (zamane ko dikhana hai).

Pancham da n Gulzar ji – this is a magical combination … anything they created together are my favorite. Long back when i was quite young n i didn’t know who they’re … yet i love those songs. Years later … when i knew what lyricist or music composer are  – i came to know that most of the songs that i adore – love n enjoy are of Pancham da n Gulzar ji.

Some of their songs  are : Sili hawa chugayi (libaas) – Beeti na bitayi raina (parichay) – Is mod se jate hai (Andhi) – Roz roz dali dali (angoor) – Aanewala pal janewala hai (golmaal) ….. n many more mesmerizing songs. I can listen to them all day long n at anytime of the day …

He may not be with us physically but in our hearts … he will always live !


Gulzar ji wrote this when pancham da left everybody in 1994 –  “ye ghalat hai ki waqt guzar jaata hai …. waqt time eternal hai – permanent hai aur kabhee nahin guzarta …. Jo guzar jaata hai – wo hum aur tum hain !!”