Passion …. BlogAdda contest on travel photos !

Photography is something i m very passinate about …. and anyone who loves photography esp. Nature – bound to love travelling …. well it’s a different story that i don’t go out of town that often !!

Last year in October went to Kolkata and went to many different places in just a week’s time.


This river used to be very wide (around a 1 km wide) at the time when my mom was young ….. she saw it herself. As years goes by it is narrowing …. and it won’t be long when people won’t need boats to cross the river ….. though i wish that day never comes !!!

Love the colorful people on the boat with the back drop of grey (color of water) …. it seems as if there is still hope !

Name of the place – Ichhamoti river at Katakhali (North 24 Pargans) West Bengal – India.


As for me …. Sunset beyond the trees look stunning ! Those orange rays peeping through the leaves n branch is mesmerizing 🙂 The pathway runs from the darkness towards the the bright paddy fields …. this is a beauty of Bengal !!!

Name of the place …. Joshai-Kati (North 24 Pargans) West Bengal – India.


It’s a Kali mandir at Amulia village …. n it still is a real village with earthern roads – mud house with teracotta tiles roof …. n lots of greenery !!!

It’s like our maternal ancestral temple. It is believe that the flowers offered to the Goddess and the soil of this temple ….. cures any health problem – Yes off course …. it maybe becasuse of one’s believe 🙂


It’s the Victoria Memorial …. in Kolkata. It’s a memorial of Queen Victoria of United Kingdom. It’s a museum which has a collection of weapons – sculptors – painting – stamps – coins – textile etc. of Queen Victoria’s time. It was amazing looking a those collection esp. those magnificent painting !!

My 10 year old cousin wanted us to see the Kolkata metro …. so that we can compare the Delhi metro n the Kolkata metro …. n so we took the metro to Victoria Memorial.


Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden …. it’s located in Shibpur (Kolkata) on the west bank of river Hoogly … n so took this pic. Love the composition with the bit of  branches and a root  falling from the top n the boat in the back ground 🙂

The trip to the Garden was wonderful … it’s a huge garden – can’t finish it at one go …. looking forward to my next visit !!

P.S. why i didn’t post any photo of the real garden with trees n flowers ? well – because only 5 photos were allowed as per the rule of the contest …. otherwise i have tons of photos to show !!!

Will be going to Kolkata again this year … but hopefully for a little longer time so that i can go to many more places and click many more photos 🙂

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