Life …. the next moment – Death !!

It wasn’t  even a week since the Air India crashed at Manglore airport ….  now this train accident. Kolkata – Mumbai train (Gyaneshwari Express) derailed as the maoists sabotaged the railway tracks. Some many people died … we may feel sad for some time – but our life goes on …. for those family n relative who died in this incidents – life has come to an hault …. the pain of  sudden death of a loved one is unbearable n unmeasurable ….  we can never feel their pain !!!

….. i actually can’t understand this – whos fault is it ?.  i mean if the maoists have problem with the government – why don’t they deal it with them …. why killing so many inocent people …. this is not right !  Don’t they have their families n relatives … r they turning into  terroists (i thought maoists n terroists r two different identity …. i’m wrong ?) …. where r we heading too ?

This is sad …. no one knows if they will be alive the next day or not …. i try to think positively but fail !!!