The day before Deepawali …

p.s. Wrote this article weeks back … went to Kolkata n so posting it now 🙂

In Bengali tradition or say culture – we eat 14 different types of leafy vegetable (mixed together) n we lit 14 “prodeep” (diyas) to our fore fathers.

It’s a beautiful feeling as we remember our ancestors n pray that their soul may rest in peace …. here ever they may be their blessing may remain with us !!!

It’s a emotional moment – (well for me it is … n i guess for others it’s the same too !!)

But seriously –  does soul really does exists …. do they really go to heaven or hell or stay some where in between – or is it simply our wild imagination …..

For me this wild imagination is the Truth !!! I have read in R.K. Narayanan’s – the famous Indian author who created imaginary Malgudi town … autobiography – that he could communicate with his loving wife who died some years after their marriage … after some point of time –  he actually could  see her fade image.

Even heard that guru Rabindranath Tagore could communicate with his late brother …

When i read such things …. i feel little happy – when any of my loving person stay no more … i may not be able to communicate with them like sir R.K. Narayanan n guru Rabindranath Thakur did  – but happy to know that they will be around some where around us … won’t be able to see them but can feel their blessings in our day to day life …. n so this day is special !!!

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