My trip to kolkata …

Yesterday we (me n my mother) came back from  Kolkata …. we exactly don’t live in Kolkata but on the outskirt of it.  Barasat – where my 4th mama (maternal uncle) and my choto mashima (younger maternal aunty) lives.  Andhermanick … our maternal ancestral grandfather’s house but he died long ago … my grandmother still lives there with elder uncle n younger and 3rd uncle. Now she has come to Delhi with us … will be staying here n Vridaban with my elder maternal aunty …. she live there.

Our trip to Kolkata was nice … Visited so many places in such a short time : Reached Kolkata on wednesday. Went to Dakhineshwar Kali Mandir n Botanical garden on Thursday. Trip to Dakhineshwar was nice but wasn’t exactly the way i thought it would be. When we visit any temple …. one should spend some time in peace – but we’re eight people in total … some says lets do this – other says lets do that …. and so on which i like do not like !! yes i agree when lots of people gather or goes to visit a place this is bound to happen … it also has a beauty of its own but i guess i don’t like that beauty !!! i will try to go on a different day except Tuesday n Saturday …. maybe there will be less people around too …

Botanical garden (the actual name is Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanical Garden) – it was good … i liked it but i guess if someone who  knows the garden well came with us or if we would have followed the map well …. then it would have been much more better !! It is a very big place but the maintenance was terrible  esp. the toilets … they were awfully dirty … thank God i didn’t have to go !! Otherwise it was okay.

On Friday n Saturday … we went n stayed in Andhermanick .  During our stay at Andhermainck – we went to visit “Echhamoti” river at Katakhali n roam around other villages. Met one of my cousin elder sister after a long long time … talking with her was very interesting … one of my cousin brother was there too.

On Sunday came back to Barasat … visited Victoria Memorial Hall n Birla  Planetarium n Saheed Minar … from all these i liked the Victoria – it’s a sort of museum with lots of Victorian painting – weapons – books – statues and so on …. enjoyed it. Went there by Kolkata metro … which is 25 years old and that makes it special … otherwise it is not more than a under ground local train if compare to Delhi metro !!!

Went to Jethima’s (aunty) house on Monday – she lives in Ariadaho near Dakhineshwar temple …  i liked it too 🙂 but stayed there for few hours. On Tuesday went to Amulia to pay our offerings to our ancestral temple (kali mandir) … that was nice too – really enjoyed the time …. but coming back from there was a hassle due to lack of transport – that a different story altogether …

On Wednesday took the morning flight to Delhi …. end of our Kolkata trip !!! As a whole had a good time 🙂