Kojagori Lakkhi puja …

We celebrated”Kojagori Lakkhi puja” on 3rd oct. on a full moon night. Goddess Lakkhi is the Goddess of wealth.


We celebrate this puja on the first full moon after “Durga puja” …. there is a story about why to celebrate this puja ..

There was a kind Raja (king) – at his kingdom everybody was happy … he had told everybody that anything that’s not sold in the main market of his kingdom will be bought by the Raja himself at a reasonable price.

One day, a villager from a nearby village bought a iron doll which nobody bought …  he went about on the roads saying “would anyone buy Alakkhi”. On hearing this Raja bought it n kept it in a room. That evening when Raja was going in his prayer room he heard someone’s crying – went in a room a saw a beautiful girl sitting on the floor n crying. When asked why she is crying she said – I’m RajLakkhi … crying because had to leave this kingdom after 3 days. Raja asked what have i done wrong that makes you leave … She said – you bought Alakkhi so now i can’t stay here anymore… but before she leave she gave her a boon that he would be able to hear the voice of all the creates of animal kingdom.

Raja was very sad … he couldn’t sleep all night. Next night he saw someone leaving the kingdom – when asked who she was … she said – i’m  BhagoLakkhi… leaving ur kingdom as u bought Alakkhi home …

…. sorry i guess i will have to write it tomorrow as it’s quite late at night … have to get up early tomorrow morning !!

Will start from where i left ……

Then Raja saw another woman leaving the kingdom too – when asked she said ” I’m Josholakkhi n i m sure u know the reason for leaving ur kingdom”.

Next night Raja again saw a man n a woman leaving his kingdom … when asked the man said ” I’m Dharmoraaj n she is Kulolakkhi – we’re leaving as u bought Alakkhi”. Raja said that he cannot stop Kulolakkhi but he will stop Dharmoraaj – he won’t let him go … as it is not his fault that he bought Alakkhi …. “to save my word i bought it ” !!

As days went by the kingdom’s wealth n condition deteriorated … seeing all this queen got worried. Raja felt very depressed – doesn’t get taste of the food so asked the cook not to put ghee (clarified butter) in his food. At dinner time – small black ants gathers around his plate everyday – that day one of the ant said to another ant ” Look Raja is so poor now that he cannot afford ghee anymore “.

Raja smiled on hearing their talk. Rani asked why he smiled all of a sudden. Raja said he couldn’t tell her otherwise he will die , but rani (queen) insisted that he have to her no matter what. Finally raja said to come her at the bank of river Ganges in the evening – there he would tell her the reason.

When rani reached the Ganges bank – raja again asked ” Don’t you want to see me alive” – rani still insisted on knowing the reason…. As they were talking two goats appeared from the near by forest.  she goat said to  he goat ” bring me that bundle of grass floating in the river .. i will eat with pleasure “. He goat said ” are u mad … i will die if i jump in the high tide river …. i’m not stupid like the raja who is will to die for a woman”.  On hearing this – raja left rani on the river bank n went back to the kingdom.

Rani got lost in the forest – she cried day n night n tried to find her way out. One day she heard loud noise of “shank”(large seashell) n “Kortal” … on reaching the spot she found that some rishi’s daughters were worshiping an idol made of “pituli”(dough of rice flour) with “Noibido” – “chere” coconutwater n “tal-er phophor”. Rani got curious n asked them what they were doing … Rishi’s daughters said ” It is Aashin masher-r Kojagor … lakkhi pujo is celebrated today”. Rani asked what happen if u perform this pujo … they said “Alakkhi goes out of the house n Lakkhi comes in the house” .

On hearing this rani also does the same rituals with sincerity as rishi’s daughters did …. ate “proshad” n worshiped whole night … Meanwhile the Alakkhi at raja’s house went out of the house n Lakkhi comes in n all his fortune came back overnight …

Raja got surprised …. then Dharmoraaj told raja about rani’s worship – raja felt sad n searched for rani n brought her back with all respect.

From that time onward … rani worshiped Goddess Lakkhi with sincerity n love ….. from that time onward Lakkhi puja is celebrated by all !!!

We too celebrated the Lakkhi puja but not like the really one … just did a simple puja at home. Enjoyed it very much esp. when my mom read this story …. but she was saying that this story is read on Diwali Lakkhi puja … n on KojagoriLakkhi puja another story is read but right now we do not have that one … when i have it will write it !!!

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