Tips to care “Rose Plant”


My rose plants were dying (got infected by something that looked like red powder). So i did some research found how to take care of the rose plants.


Rose are grown in well-drained soil with optimum sunlight. Clay or loamy soil are ideal. Warm temperature always preferred and grown best when grown seperately. (But i do not know – why people here in India say/think that roses grow best in winter. I always knew they were winter flowers.)

Rose plant can survive drought but they won’t thrive – to have a thrive rose plant, keep the soil moist all the time. That means – when top soil is removed by few centimeter, the soil should still be moist. For that, the soil must be soaked to 6″ to 8″ deep and not just sprinkle the water.

Keep the rose plant moist all the time but never allow the roots to sit in water – otherwise they will rot, also the plant becomes more vunerable to diseases.


When it comes to fertilizing – time is also important. For example – during active growth and blooming stage, rose plants need more fertilizing. The plant need frequently feeding and generously.

Cow manure is best preffered as fertilizer for the rose plants – but other organic fertilizers like compost are also used. Rose plants requires 2-3 times feeding during the season.


When you bring rose plant and cannot plant it immediately – leave the plant in the box and lightly sprinkle the roots every day. Do not let the roots to dry out. Plant the rose plant as soon as possible. If cannot plant it immediately to the desired location, plant it in a container.

Dig a planting hole according to the roots, the rose plant has:

If it is a good plant (which is 2 yrs. old and field grown). Then dig a planting hole at least 6″ deeper, so the roots of the plant can be accomodate without crowding or bending. Mix some fertilizer (cow manure or organic compost) with the soil in the planting hole – plant the rose plant carefully, spread its root and fill with soil. Firm the soil tightly around the plant.

If the rose plant is not so old and has less roots – then dig a lesser deeper planting hole.

Rose plant can also be grown by its stem – but the stem’s diameter must be at aleast be half inch thick.

How to plant it :

Cut a stem from a rose plant. Mix fertilizer with some soil, add little water with this mixture and make a firmly tight lump at one end of the stem.

Dig a planting hole (index finger deep) – place the stem with lump side down, fill with soil. Firm the soil tightly. Keep the soil moist contineously for 2-3 weeks.


Main aim is to remove old wood (that will no longer flower and encourge to grow young & healthy stems). Also helps in keeping the rose plant in desireable shape and manageable size. Best time to prune, when the plant is at dormat phrase.


Hard pruning:

Cut stems to only 3 or 4 buds. Hard pruning recommended for newly planted rose plant or to rejuvenate neglected plants.

Moderate pruning:

Stems are cut back to half their length. Recommended for all established rose plants.

Light pruning:

Stems are cut back to 2/3 their lenght, so that the main stems are merely tipped. Light pruning generally results in profusion of flowers.