Chittaranjan Park Kali Mandir (Temple)


This is the back of all three temples at the Chittaranjan Park Mandir(CR Park temple).

I love visiting temples that have some creativity attach to it – can be the God/Goddess idol, temple’s architecture, the surrounding or anything of that sort.

I have always visited CR Park Kali Mandir at night during Durga Puja, when it’s very crowded. CR Park Kali mandir complex has “Kali Maa” temple with “shiv temple” and “Radha Govinda temple” on its both sides.

This temple is not only a religious place for the traditional bengalis living in CR Park but it is also a centre for social and cultural activities for Bengalis all over Delhi.


This is the front of “Shiv temple”.

I went there with “Mita mamima” (mamima = Aunty – she is not our real aunty but they are very close to us). One of their relative died some days back. Today at this temple – his “Last ritual” was performed by his daughter “Rinki”. I didn’t see Khan uncle but knew Rinki and her mother quite well.

We reached CR Park Kali mandir at around 11:31 am. The ritual would start at 12 pm – in the meantime, we went to see the main temple. It was beautiful with all those “Karigari” on its wall and pillars. One would feel very peaceful in that calm place surrounded by greenery.

Mid-day puja was being performed when we went there – after which we had “Bhog” (khichri and semi-dried cauliflower curry).


One of the “Karigari” on the wall of “Kali temple”.

Khan uncle’s last ritual ended around 3 hrs late. We all gave our “shardhanjali” to him. At that moment everybody were in tears – i always get emotional when i see so many people in tears. This time i managed to stopped myself.

Our lunch has been arranged at the temple’s canteen. Food was good. Took many pictures of the temple – then came home. End of the OUTING…


Greenery around the Chittaranjan Park Kali temple.