Small … but Beautiful..!!!

I noticed one thing – wild flower are so different n exotic … very colorful too. I like these type of wild grown flower.


i call them “Spring flower”

These are very tiny flower that spread on the surface of the ground. i simply love its tiny dark light pink shade – so i brought one of them home. They are grown abundantly in a near by park’s pond.

Unfortuntely they are seasonal – my plant is drying. Very few flower are blooming – old ones are turning white n so the name “Spring flower”.


“Little white flower”



One of my fav … i simply adore them. Guru Rabindra Thakur was right – it is amazing how we people do not notice these grass flower growing by the roadside or at the corner of the house or anywhere in the wild. Seasonal – seen in winter.


Row of white flowers … that what i call them

This is another plant –  which looks like dry weed but its whitish pinkish flower makes you think twice. It also grow low on the surface of the ground n seems as if the flowers are growing direct from the ground. So it looks as if on the ground white patch are grown – Really beautiful…!!!

I did tried to grow one at home but failed. Seasonal too – end of spring till very hot summer.


“Exotic weed … with amazingly lovely blue color”

The color n the size – awesome. They are very tiny n mostly grown in fields among other vegetable plants. So they are weeds – never thought weed’s flower can be so – so very beautiful..

Took the photo while i was in Andhermanick (my home town).