Plants I brought from Kolkata n Karimganj …


This is the “Kundo” plant which i bought from Kolkata. It is taken last month- right now the is not flowering but new shoots are coming. I have trimmed it last week.


The rose plants were doing well. They were kept in my garden at the roof-top. Its leaves were dying so thought because of excess sunlight its happening. I brought them downstairs and kept it in the balcony. For some days i got busy with my boutique and did not really see that birds are eating my rose plant. When i did realise, I brought them in and kept them on the stairs – but they were dying.

Pest started eating them too. Now I took the plants to my shop and kept them there. I washed their leaves with the solution of detergent and edible oil (small amount of both – oil preferable coconut oil or vegetable oil).

Today they looked fine, new shoots are coming but the sad part is that i had three rose plant from which one died. Hope the other two will grow health and pest free.

I also had brought many other flower seed from Kolkata and Karimganj.

“Dopati”(Impatience balsamina) – they did germinate (four of them) but they all died. Maybe I watered them too much. My “chilly seeds” – they never saw the sunlight. But my “Sondhe Tara(three of them) and Aparajita(one)” shoots are doing well and has grown up to 5 inch tall. Birds ate some part of the “Aparajita” – so I took that plant to my shop too.

In the coming days – I’ll take most of my plants to my shop for two reasons:

Plants will get shade and there will be no squirrels and birds to eat them. They will grow in PEACE..

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