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Colourful … Life with friends !!

Few years back … all the nasty people were my so called friends. They would be my friend till they get their work done or till they get another friend. In Rome … i got my first n last  BEST  friend.  At that time i never realised how true her friendship was. She used to tell me … when i will lose her then only will i realise -  what i lost !!  And truely it is so … i’m 

Rain …

Last night it started to rain (the way i like – thunder shower) at around 3 in the morning and it’s still drizziling now n then …. even though the road are flood with rain water n it’s all “pich-pich” …. but still i like it ! I actually love rain … in different places with different enjoyment !! ROME  …. the wet cold rainy days n nights were memorable. Love the warmth of my room … the clean roads 

Rome …

Yes … fall in love with the city Rome (Italy) when we went there to stay for 3 years (1991-1994). Some of the most  beautiful memories in my life are of Rome.  It had all the things to fall in love with … yummy food – amazing architecture – mesmerizing nature – gorgeous people and awesome climate. I still remember there wasn’t any particular rainy season … but in winter it used to rain more. The whole night it would