Rain …

Last night it started to rain (the way i like – thunder shower) at around 3 in the morning and it’s still drizziling now n then …. even though the road are flood with rain water n it’s all “pich-pich” …. but still i like it !

I actually love rain … in different places with different enjoyment !!

ROME  …. the wet cold rainy days n nights were memorable. Love the warmth of my room … the clean roads … the greenness … the cozy feeling … the hot chicken curry …. n off course – the thunder lightening – added thrill to all these !!

In my hometown  Kolkata (actually i live in the suburb : Barasat n Andharmanick)….

BARASAT …. it’s  Beautiful. Love to sit on the window slab n watch the rain … the whole day. One can write poetry – it’s such a amazing feeling (i too have written but in bengali ..” brishtir char din”). Once we were in Barasat  … it continuously rained for 3 days n nights. It was the longest peroid of time i had seen in my whole life.

ANDHARMANICK …. laying in the swing in the varanda n watch the rain … it has it’s own beauty !! Rain drop dripping down the teracotta tile roof n the smell of the wet earth. The sound of the rain falling on the leaves n roof … wOw ! i miss it so much !!!

SHILLONG … went to visit my uncle  – the house he got from his office was on the hill top. From its varanda could see the town … n mountains at a far distance. Itself the scenario was beautiful and in rain it looked amazingly wonderful. Mostly it rained at night … but at day time the rainbow after the rain looks equally stunning. Had a mesmerizing time 🙂

DURBAN (south africa) …. it was surprising how suddenly a hot sunny day turned into cool windy wet day. Our house was on a hill top … the house had a huge glass window – through it … could see the whole city – the harbour – the blue sea (turns grey when it rains). All of a sudden the whole scenario would get covered in drizziling mist … those dreamy days !!

DELHI … brings back the life – relief  – the joy. It’s like starting of  a new begining … now lets see if my plants (those brought from Assam) do survive – i actually have lost hope as they are on the edge of dying !!


7 thoughts on “Rain …

  1. as the first comment says .. you need to come to uk to see the rain here .. especially the country side lush greeeen….

  2. Bachodi ….it’s sad but i haven’t been there – but i am sure it’s amazing as every country in europe is stunningly beautiful in everyway !!
    Kala … it’s the mood factor i guess – ha ha 🙂
    Bikram … off course – england is know for its hat n umbrella … it has to be beautiful … i can imagine !!

  3. In my home town (in Kerala) sometimes it rains continuously for two to three days. While I love rain, sometimes it gets torturously boring that we long to see the sun.

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