Let’s start all over again…

It’s been a long time – i have not been posting anything. After the greatest tragedy – i wanted to write many things but at that point of time – every post i write would have been sad and depressing. So i took a short break… but it ended up to be a very long one. Few months later – when things began to normalize… and we start to travel – i thought of writing that travel post –
but soon i joined “instagram” – and all my time began to fly like rocket.

But before i start writing post on our present day – i would write few pending posts – 2 travel post that i had with my baba & family … and then 2 reviews (Riverview Retreat Resort – Uttarakhand and Pipple Tree – Kolkata)… so i guess i would be pretty busy now a days – writing and more writing 🙂

I want to start all over again with a fresh start…

This photograph is taken at Riverview Retreat Resort… will write about the resort soon. Won’t be lazy – hopefully 🙂

P.S. Happy Republic Day !! Today is our Republic Day too. It was interesting watching those parade session on TV. I really wish to go there and see it live there at the India Gate – may be next year 🙂