Yet another …. New Year !!!


New Year Celebration …. treating with Semolina pudding !

Yet again i’m late to post this recipe. It’s more than a week into January whereas i thought i would write this post by 3rd or 4th of January. My weakness is being reluctant. i always think that … yes i will do it today evening ( because at day time i’m at work in my tiny boutique – so evenings are what i get) and by the time i get home and finish dinner, i feel too lazy or say reluctant …. that it’s fine – i will do it later or tomorrow. i always forget that tomorrow never comes. i want to change this attitude of mine. This year my resolution would be – to be Attentive – Active – Attributive (?). My mom is really good – what she thinks does it more or less on time …. Like she had knitted this beautiful sweater for my niece as a New Year gift. I should seriously learn from her.


 Oliva’s Designer Sweater …. by her Grand Mom 🙂

Last year was pretty okay …. there are few things in life that you can’t really do anything about it (i mean in terms of sudden mishap – some misfortune and so on ) but apart from that … i should work hard without being lazy or reluctant towards by little boutique. i know this year will be eventful and some serious life’s turning point will happen in the coming few months. Even January will keep me busy as i will be going to Kolkata in February to attend one of my cousin’s wedding. Will have to finish my boutique work … have to stitch my dresses … have to finish some household work … will be busy this month. i’m not complaining – i like to be busy and working. i have promise myself that this year i’ll try and manage work and hobbies nicely without neglecting any of it ….be it exercise – my work – gardening – blogging – cooking and off course writing.

20170101_155756Plate for Two …. me and my mom !

So i thought why not start the year with a sweet note ie. sweet suji ka halwa recipe. It’s actually a very ordinary recipe but for me and my family – who loves and enjoy sweet – this ordinary suji halwa is extra ordinary. Most of the people i know …. when they asked me what i had to celebrate this new year. When i told them …. suji halwa – they crunched their nose and said “oh poor soul … suji ka halwa …. didn’t you get anything better to eat” It’s difficult to explain that suji halwa is not only healthy and nutritious but it’s very easy and fast to make and its ingredients are always available at home – whenever we carve for something sweet – we make suji halwa or kheer – which is yummy too !! Well for those who don’t like suji halwa and doesn’t like to try new things …for those stubborn people – whatever i may say won’t change their mind.


Taste it to believe it – every bite is yummy !!

Ingredient :

200 gm Suji (Semolina)  – 100 gm Sugar (white/brown)  … adjust according  taste –  500 ml whole Milk  –  3 tbsp Ghee (clarified butter) –  2 large Tej pata (Bay Leaf)  –  Pistachio and Almond .. fistful chopped – Raisins  … fistful – Coconut …. fresh and  grated.


Heat the milk in a pan with tej pata. When boiling – turn off the heat. Put the led on and keep it aside.

In another heavy base pan or kadai … heat the ghee. When the ghee melts – add the suji/semolina. Stir slowly but continuously – so that the fine semolina granules do not get burnt.

Stir till the suji turns slightly golden brown. Now add sugar ( my mom and every one at home loves brown sugar – they say it’s healthier than regular white sugar and hence i used brown sugar). Mix it with the suji properly.

Lower the heat. Then add the preheated milk to the suji ….. (can also add coconut milk for that extra creaminess and coconuty flavour).  Stir continuously.

Add the raisins – chopped almonds and freshly grated coconut ( again my mom loves coconut – she add it to almost every sweet dish she prepares). Stir well – so that everything get mixed up nicely.

Cook it till the suji is done.

Serve the suji halwa in a bowl and garnish it with chopped pistachio – almonds and grated coconut. Enjoy health bowl of sweet !!


 ….  My mom made it !!


If the halwa gets slightly dry and the suji is slight uncooked – cover the pan with a led and keep the flame on low. Check after a minute or two … stir nicely. Turn off the heat. Put the led on the pan. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

If the halwa gets too dry – which shouldn’t be – and the suji is uncooked – add a cup of normal whole milk and let it cook till the halwa is done.