Journey …

It was last September that i went to visit my parents along with my brother in Denmark – Copenhagen. The dates and small facts are mentioned …. so that i can remember the detail of the beautiful (though beautiful is a very simple word but it means a lot) experience down my memory lane.

I remember getting down from Air France at “Charles De Gaulle” airport in Paris. I felt a change – the air was cool and crisp and all of a sudden felt a familiar feeling ….. a feeling of knowing this crisp air – this coolness – this freshness – it felt so familiar. It was nothing wrong as we have lived many years of our life aboard. My father is in the MEA … so we have stayed in Rome – Italy (i have written about it here ) and in Durban – South Africa. So this feeling of familiarity wasn’t absurd. It was like coming back to a known atmosphere.

The next flight to Copenhagen from Paris was short … but i was exhausted  -slept throughout the journey – occasionally my brother was waking me to see ships in the sea and stuff like that. Somehow reached our parents house …. at around 9 am 15th September 2011. I recovered as soon as i got down the cab and saw my parents. Maa (mother in Bengali) had made pasta (with lots of vegetable and prawns ) as it was quick to prepare. She had to cook many dishes as there was a party that evening. I too helped her and later went with Baba n Joy da (father n brother) to Baba’s office … met his colleagues. On our to the office took many photos … also went to a park nearby where my parents live.

In the evening had a nice time  … enjoyed food made by her after a long time – esp. custard truffle  …. maa makes it extra delicious !


Garden at my father’s office

Little Mermaid in Copenhegan !


Otters in City Zoo Copenhegan

Curise to Oslo – Norway

Bern city behind me

View from Mt. Tittles

The Golden Pass train on the move

View from Eiffle Tower

While staying in Copenhagen we also visited  “Little Mermaid” and the city Zoo – will write about it in detail later. I have written about Copenhagen i these 2 posts – about Helsingor castle  ( ) and  about park and places ( / ). We also went to Oslo (Norway) by cruise …. it was simply awesome – will write about that in detail soon !

Also went to Switzerland …. from there to France too. In Switzerland we stayed in Bern city … went to Mt. Tittles and Montreux …. went on a ferry ride … took the Golden Pass train till Interlaken. I will write all about this trip in my coming few posts. Let’s see how i can put all the experience in words !