H for ….

H for Hibiscus …. H for Hen …. H for Henna …. n H for Happiness – but it’s not a happpy moment for us …. rather sad. One of my cousin was suffering from Brain Tumor but her operation was succussful n was back home …. she was improving too but on Sunday 3rd Sept. she left us all. It was not expected as she was improving …. i still feel it’s unreal or dream – where ever she may be …. may Lord rest her soul in peace !

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  1. She was 15years old … i still can’t believe she is no more – though she is very young to me still we all use to roam around to many places n she loved being photographed …. n know i do not have the courage to look at those photos. Yes it is very sad !!  Thanks Dear Nadia for asking n being concerned !

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