Coconut Barfi !

When i went to Karimganj with my uncle … i had many yummy food to eat. There one can’t get good sweetmeat to buy from market …. so pishima (auntie) made these for us.

First phrase :-

Finely  grate fresh coconut. In a deep pan put the grated coconut – add sugar or data molasses. Quantity of sugar to grated coconut would be 1:3. Stir slowly but continuously on low heat. Sugar will melt and the mixture would be quite sticky. When the mixture starts to stick to the pan (even though you’re stirring it continuously ) and it gives away a beautiful smell. Yet the mixture is juicy to feel …. the mixture is finally ready for the next phrase.

Second phrase:-  2 ways of doing it!

Let the mixture be cool – put it in a grinder and make a fine paste. Then add little milk and knead it in a dough – the dough would be soft but wouldn’t stick on the fingers.

Put the hot mixture in the grinder and make a fine paste – actually it would not be a paste but just right to form a dough.

Third phrase:-

Grease the mould with veg. oil and take a small amount of dough. Put it on the mould and spread on it. Press a little and see that the dough is evenly spread. Then with light fingers remove the spread dough from the mould …. without breaking it.  Your beautifully designed barfi is ready.

Just keep it on a Kitchen towel to absorb excess oil from the barfi – and they’re ready to eat.

p.s. if you don’t have the moulds then after phrase 2 …. take a small amount of dough and form a round ball by circulating it in the middle of ur 2 palm. The difference would be that they would be called “Ladoo” and not “Barfi”.