“The Castle of Sound Dues”

When i n my brother went to Denmark (where my father has been posted) last year (September) …. we went to this castle called Kronborg in Helsingor.

Kronborg is a castle situated in the town of Helsingor in Denmark. Originally when it was built in 1420s by a Danish King – Eric of Pomerania, it was a fortress. The King insisted that every ship that move in or out of the Baltic sea passing through the sound had to pay a due  …. hence the name “The Castle of Sound Dues”.

The sound is a strait that separates the Danish island Zealand from the southern Swedish Scania province. At the narrowest point – where this castle is built – the strait is 4 km wide. One can see the Swedish land while standing at the Danish shore.

The Danish king – Eric of Pomerania built this fortress, so that he can enforce his demand ie. to pay the due. At that time both sides of the Sound was under Danish Kingdom. So the king built Kronborg castle at Helsingor (Denmark) and on the other side Helsingborg (now Sweden) a castle was already built there from the medieval time.

Kronborg castle is surrounded by a square shape wall. Inside the wall – there are many buildings made of yellow sandstone. The building includes – king’s residence-a chapel-a large arched banquet hall.

In 1558-59 – King Christian II added the bastions on the corner of the curtain wall ie. the square shape stone wall.

King Frederick II transformed the medieval fortress into a magnificent Renaissance castle. A fire in 1629 – destroyed most part of the castle. King Christian IV rebuilt it.

Krongborg castle was besieged and captured by the Swedish army in 1658. They took many valuable art treasure  including a richly decorated fountain from the castle courtyard.

From  1785 – the castle was no longer used as royal residence. It was converted as army barracks and was also used as a prison. The army too left the castle in 1923. After renovation – it was opened to the public.

Kronborg is one of the most important Renaissance castles in the northern Europe and was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites on Nov. 30 – 2000.

Needless to say – a memorable trip where photos can do all the talking !!

From outside the Kronborg.

a model of the kronborg … a star shape castle and behind is the original castle.

a map and information about the Kronborg.

trace of army barracks

this must be the place where original looted fountain was

building made of yellow sandstone

unfortunately – it was a cloudy day …. Sweden can’t be seen clearly.

a fishing boat …. reason for some many Seagulls and they are alway hungry.

Sweden n some ships can be vaguely seen on northeast corner.

my father (grey jacket) n his friend !

apple tree – on the right hand corner ….

we on the walking trail n curtain wall on the right.

ducks relaxing n enjoying the nature !