Bironi Bhaat … sticky rice !!


It’s a special dish of sylhet disttrict in Bangladesh … so in sylheti language it is called “Bironi bhaat”. In West Bengal – i guess it is known as ‘Bini rice’ …. there is a famous TV serial named after this rice – “Bini Dhan-er Khoi”.

It has a beautiful aroma – more or less like  Basmati rice. The difference is that Bironi rice stick together and normal basmati doesn’t. Plain rice is prepared with Bironi rice and other side dishes are also prepared … that could be eaten with this rice. Example : Fried hot Eggplants …. both side dipped in rice paste – so as to give it a crunchy and juicy taste. Kheer …. full cream milk is boiled with sugar. Boiled till it is reduced and forms quite thick paste -sort of condensed milk but more tastier. Jethu (my uncle) was telling me that they used to have pigeon fried meat with this rice. One can also have fried fish or non-gravy cauliflower-potato dish or fried eggs. So i can conclude that one can have anything fried or non-gravy dish with this bironi rice. My favourite was bironi bhaat with kheer … it tasted heaven !!

Put little ghee or as much as you can take on the cooked bironi rice and serve it with all these side dishes mentioned above or make your own side dish – as you like and enjoy it with “Bironi Bhaat”.