Happy New Year … 2011 !!

It’s been a new day of a new month of a new year … the year 2011 !! Excited about the coming year ? … well i really don’t know – i guess i m too busy with my present that i actually can’t think of the whole year together. i guess everybody is curious to know the unknow n so am i …. almost mystry ( if u r one of those melodramatic type … sorry but i m not one of that ! ) …. but seriously no one can ignore the reality – the mystrious future ! One may say that we create our own future so what is all those mystry about it  …. but then life doesn’t always go by ur plans (do i sound negative – sorry i did mean to be so  !!)

What i want to do this year apart from my work  (which i really want to do good) … want to lose  some kgs n want to see some new places n click tones of photos. These 3 things are all i want to do this year – lets see how much will be done by the end of this year.

All i pray is …. we all have  good health n good wealth too – that’s a part of life too one can’t not ignore it 🙂


By the way ….. this is one of my favorite flower that grows at a park near our house – love it’s texture the color the look … actually everything about it. Wish u all  a very happy n colorful year ahead !!