The little kitten !


She is called “Mini”. This isn’t my auntie’s pet but they (3 of them) generally roam around auntie’s house n when they call her by her giving name … these cats gather around auntie’s varanda or backyard – and eat rice n fish.

Few months ago – Mini gave birth to some kitten at auntie’s house. She thought … she will let them stay for few days n then she will “shu” them out ! but that few days became few weeks and later one of the kitten got ticks and uncle didn’t know what to do to remove those ticks … he put “ddt powder” ( insecticide powder) all over him. The kitten got seriously sick … they took him to the hospital. We all thought it won’t survive but prayed for him. Auntie n uncle … they spent many sleepless night – even though it wasn’t their pet … but they began to love them as their family member. That was nice to see !!

Finally … he got well and we all felt good 🙂