rain … nature … plans !!

These days …. it’s been raining now n then – enjoying it !!  There’re more reasons to enjoy the weather …. my mom’s coming this week – will be going to Kolkata by the mid of next month … “Durga puja” is around the corner … n all this means more roaming around n more pics … so loving it  🙂


In the above pic. can see the black cloudy sky ….

n so … this year too we’ll have guest. Last year – we went to Kolkata after “Kali puja” (Diwali), but this year we’ll be going before Durga puja n this time it will be a 2 weeks long holiday. I am very much looking forward to it … visit lots n lots of places where i have not been to.


It’s a “Mexican Oleander” bud … soak in water droplets … they too enjoy rain – like i do !!

Would love to visit the “Botanical Garden” again n spend the whole day clicking nature.  Well even when i go to my maternal uncle’s house at  Andharmanik …. i’m  sourrounded by nature too. But in the past it used to be more beautiful …. it still is beautiful but not the same.


These are “Brahmi”  plants (…. or herbs whatever u call it )  soaked in rain ….

they taste little bitter – but have heard it’s good for brain !

It’s would be rainny season in Kolkata by the end of september …. (well that’s what i m guessing as it always rain around Durga puja). If it rains we may not be able to visit all the places that we have planned … but i love rain n i love taking rainy pics too.  So hoping to have fun n click tons of photos.


Rain water dripping from “bouganvilla” leaves …

those droplets look so nice !!

I sometime wonder that i nearly visit the same places whenever i go to kolkata …. and so take photos of the same places n post them on my blog  … seeing the same place over n over again may get boring. So i always try to shot things differently … so that it might look interesting … hope to visit different places too 🙂


I never thought … simple bugs can look to stunning !

at my hometown – i had seen so many different types n colorful … n those glossy ones too.

if i can … will click as many as i can.

seems like i m fascinated by them !!