as beautiful …. as Leaves !!!

Not only flowers but the leaves can be as beautiful as colorful flowers ….


Taken at my auntie’s house in Barasat (west bengal) …  a species of ferns. i guess they like wet humid places as i have seen these in west bengal  mostly grown every where …. even on trees.


In Delhi n surrounding area – in olden days – people use to plant neem trees in their courtyard as its breeze  (thought to be n i guess that was right too !) would keep away diseases. It also provided shade from the burning sun. Now a days people do not have enough space to live in … unthinkable to plant such a huge tree. But anyway … there’re still many huge neem trees around the main city area (i actually don’t know the name of the roads). They’re around  “Trimurti Bhavan” n where “Indira Gandhi Memorial Hall” is  …. n  near Patiala House too and many of the interconnected roads around these places !!!


Caladiums :  taken at Amulia (west bengal) where our ancestral “Kali temple” is …. there were colorful ones too but i like the pure green ones.  i like to call them green hearts !!!


The Flame Nettle/ Coleus:  it’s  from my uncle’s house in Karimganj (assam) …. it was like a vine roaming around green chilly plants and some more plants that were kept near the chilly plants. i tried to figure out in which pot it was planted – then discovered it was planted in a small plastic container. Compare to its size the container was very small … i was amazed !


Near by our house is a “peepal tree” (Sacred fig) … some days when i wake up at 5 am and walk on our rooftop – i see women coming with their worship plates and offering water to the (believe to be) holy plant !!  Surprising thing is that they have their shower before 5 am … for me it’s unthinkable …

But yes … i like seeing people bending infrot of something which they think is more powerful than them … makes them ordinary – innocent human being … but as the day rises and so do their true colors … jealousy – hatred -back biting and so on …. making these beautiful women look ugly and aweful …. but the nature remain the same – soothing n beautiful !!