Confussed Sinner !!

My Sin Against Gender Stereotypes ….


I was tagged by Joshi Mukard. The tag says ” list atleast 10 things you have wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to ” …. well i done believe  in gender stereotypes – anyone can like anything … girls can like spicy and boys can like sweet !!

It’s hard to list 10 things as i m very much faminine … love to wear dresses but love jeans n shoes as well – i really don’t hate make-up but wear it occasionally – i love to cook but don’t do it often (by choice) – love vegetable n fish market and love reading books too (books r considered as manly thing … i guess ! )

So my sins are confussed in themselves whether to feel guilty or proud !! … here they are :

  1. I totaly love the color blue … but now a days have started liking pink too !!
  2. I hate chocolate … but love “Ferrero Rocher”.
  3. I definately hate mushy love storys (Mills & Boons) or movies (kuch kuch hota hai) … gosh ! how much i hate it !!
  4. Love to laugh my heartout …
  5. i’m not very fond of babies and hate those stubbron crying ones.
  6. Hate saas-bahu serials (or any serial as a matter of fact ) … love to watch Discovery Channel !!
  7. Never liked playing with dolls or kitchen toys (as in “ghar-ghar”)
  8. Though not really a gadget freak … but i love my camera n laptop …
  9. Love going for trekking and want to try more adventure sports … esp. river rifting – looks very exciting 🙂  But bungee jumping ….. i’m still not that hard core sinner !!
  10. Love to be bossy and give orders … n most of the times i use my logical brain !

And as par the games rules …. i must tag 12 of my blogging friends … or else i will be cursed to wear blue clothes pants … (for men – it’s pink shirt) … for the next 12 years !!  – well firstly … i don’t believe in curses and secondly i love blue 🙂 so i really don’t mind !!

8 thoughts on “Confussed Sinner !!

  1. haha! I’m not very fond of babies either and I LOVE hiking in the woods and I am really good at giving orders. 🙂

  2. Thanks Kala … good to know there’s three similarity bet. us … enjoy ur day !!
    Thanks bachodi … for checking – i wrote it in the beginning that my sins are confussed in themselves …” though i m not gadget freak i still love gadget” that’s what i meant 🙂
    Thanks littleindian …. i thought girls like sweet (like i do) and boys like spicy (like my brother n cousins do) n so i thought vice versa is abnormal … haven’t been to Himalayas (neither the foot hills) for trekking … in india went around the jungle of sundarban – in south africa been to pradise valley and some place around drakensberg – in rome … the place around lago di vico or was it lago di bracciano – actually went to both places but for trekking cant remember which one it was !!

  3. I was referring to the attraction towards members of the opposite sex. 🙂
    I did treks in the Himalayas many years ago. It was addictive. Saving money whenever possible to fund the next. Always made me realise we are miniscule compared to nature.

    I like this new theme. It somehow goes well with your blogs.

  4. Thanks Litttleindian …. my cousin was testing her newly created theme … i too like it – but miss those yellow flowers (from my last theme). Yes as a matter of fact – we are very minuet … and that’s why i love nature more !!

  5. you must have access to the web files, why do you not swap the header image and bring the flowers. From what i remember, the flowers will go nicely with this theme.

  6. … but that won’t match the theme … a journal goes well with coffee eatable pen pencil and so on 🙂

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