Photography ….

A year or 2 back …  i found a new interest – Photography !! It’s not that i didn’t have any interest in it before but for the past 2 years i have became quite passinate about it.

I love to look at picture of wild life – nature – flower – and anything related to it. I love to travel too n when i combine the two … i feel like heaven. But the sad part is that i don’t know much about photography and only take picture of flowers and yes …. sometime nature too.


Actually i m quite desparate to experiment but do not have time to go out and take snaps ….  only around winter going out is possible. Delhi’s hot summer makes it unthinkable n unbearable to step out of home.  So waiting for summer to end which is at it’s peak as it’s almost …. May !!! Thank God – it rain today …. hope the wheather will be little better for sometime 🙂

…. well i m going out of topic – photography.  I have joined Flickr (2 years back) – there’re many good photographers …. n there’re many things to learn from their photographs …. though there is’nt any set rules to produce a gorgeous shot. Yet by looking at different photographer’s photostream – one gets an idea of looking at simple things with different prospective.

One of the photographer (in Flickr) wrote in her profile …. the instrument (camera) doesn’t need to be hightec – it is the photographer’s view that makes the photo interesting …. n that is so true – her photostream is indeed stunning …. full of amazing photos. But there is a really funny thing …. there are many photographer whose photos aren’t that interesting and still people would appreciate them like it’s the ultimate. I try my best to figure out why so much hue n cry …. but fail !!!

One reason for these absurd appreciation is that a particular person comments on others photo and so these “others” would comment on his photo … which is good at some point – but because of this formality appreciation (comments) … the photo gets selected for  “Explored” (kind of award/tittle) and the criteria to get Explored is : ur photo gets lots of comment n lots of people select it as their favorite. So all sorts of nuisance photo gets Explored including good ones too … but this is not fair (their criteria) as many people take marvelous shot n doesn’t get “Explored” …. sad but it is that way.

It’s true – mine never got “Explored” but i m happy …. because i know my pics are much better than many of those whose does get “Explored”. ….. n i always wandered how on earth did this pic get Explored …. n the reason is “it is popular” !!!

Anyhow – i m happy to know Flickr …. but unfortunately it’s getting little boring now. Maybe i need to explore (not “Explore”) other set of photographer rather than those i know – lets see 🙂