Marigold ….

In botanical terms it is not a flower … surpise ???? me too ! …. it is actually a bunch of flowers (compound flower) ….

They’re inexpensive yet brighten ups the garden with its orange – maroon – yellow colors. In India they’re
being used in garland n to decorate houses on auspicious ocassion.


Marigold can also be grown from its stem. I brought stem of this marigold from Vridaban (my mashima lives
there) … planted it in a pot n watered it regularly. In few days new leaves  began to grow … but the
squriel – those beautiful looking creatures – used to eat its flower n buds. Couldn’t do anythis about it
… so took it to my shop – there it blossom Perfectly !!


While uncle (from Assam) was staying here – he bought this marigold plant which was full with buds and
flowers. After a week later when the bloom flowers dried up the plant began to dry up … n those buds never
bloom !!! so never buy marigold from plant vendor – it is always better to grow them at home from its seeds.


Uncle brought it from a dried pond (the pond is in a park near our house). This year it dried up compeletly.
Well … after he brought the marigold plant – he didn’t have any pot to plant it … so he took a normal
poly bag and filled it with potting soil and planted the marigold plant in it. i never thought it will
flower … but at last it did but the sad part is .. the day after i took the photo someone picked it up (it
was quite near the gate) … people can be so nasty !!!


This one too … uncle brought from the dried pond. Didn’t think it will survive the cold of Delhi … but
it not only survived – it is one of the best marigold we had grown this year … n that too by chance as we
didn’t know what type it will flower. The plant was full of orange marigold … Beautiful n mesmerizing 🙂

I have kept these dried flower for next year. My grandmother (nani) says …. if you keep the seeds from outer part of the flower … it will produce normal marigold flower n the inner part seed will produce “chutki” marigold  (those with fewer petal). To see if true or not have to wait till next year !!!