My plants … Begonia !!

My uncle came from Assam last November n brought some plant from his garden. One of them is a blub which will grow in rainy season… Hopefully they’ll survive the summer of Delhi. I’ll do my best … but the sad part is that all the plants i brought from Kolkata n Assam last January ___ died 🙁

I’m extremely lazy …. n gardening isn’t for the lazy one – this time i have to keep them alive n healthy …. i just have to – no other way around !!

So i have decide to gather information on how to take care for these plants :


They are of 3 types : Tuberous , Semperflorens (most common), Perennials (uncommon) …. mine is Begonia “Richmondensis” (i guess they’re perennial types).

They like rich fertile soil but loose which drains well. Water them thoroughly, but the soil must be allowed to be dry between waterings.

Different groups of Begonia have different cultural requirement but most species come from tropical regions …. they require bright shade – few will tolerate full sun.  Mine type of Begonia likes filtered sunlight but can take some sunlight in winter.

They like humidity – n doesn’t like cold weather ___ bring indoor before frost. Keep it near a sunny window for first few days….  gradually reduce the sunlight (or can keep it near the window whole winter) …. sudden temperature change cause leaves to drop. After a week or 2 Begonia will adopt the lower light n dry conditions of indoor.

In the growing season : pinching tips n pruning outer stems give bushier plant. Re-pot the plant if they appear crowded. Remove dead flowers leaves n stems … trim off long stems help retain its compact shape….

At my uncle’s place (Karimganj – Assam) the plants are very fresh n healthy …. i guess it’s because the weather is moderate n moist throughout the year ____  whereas in Delhi it’s extremely cold in winter n extremely hot in summer…. n off course i’m lazy too.

Let’s just hope for the Best !!!