Love towards nature :)

From everything else – i love nature the most. Flora n fauna – river – mountain – sea beaches – rain or anything that are associated with nature….

At my aunty’s house (one that lives in Barasat) – there is a plant called “Rongona” on both side of her entrance gate. Those are Chinese rongana ; a bit orangish in color. The real Rongona …. well for me this one is the original as i saw that one first n so it is the real Rongona for me. It’s bright red in color – it’s a beautiful red … so bright and lively – simply adore it … well it is obvious as i have taken so many photos of it !!

Another beautiful flower … i have brought its seed – hope to have a plant at my house too. It’s called “Aprajita” … it’s double petal with royal blue in color. I have the single petal one but the double petal one is rare … so i m very happy to have it too. To get its seed is a story in itself ….

whenever i visit my uncle’s house in Andharmanick – there is no seed only flowers. I told my aunty – my cousins – my grandmother n to all to keep its seed. They did but misplaced it somewhere and forget …. on another time they gave it to my cousin who was coming to Delhi … but she forgot to bring it and later it got misplaced again. This time also – there were no seeds (well … one would think so) only flowers but after searching thoroughly for half an hour … i got one ripe bean !!! I was very happy … at last got it 🙂

Also saw white Aparajita (double patel one) … but no ripe beans yet – told everyone to keep a bean for me. Hope they will keep and i will get it 🙂