Beauty ….

I found this newspaper cutting in one my old dairy … about being Beautiful !! It changed my view towards the meaning of n being beautiful ….

“Beauty is the birthright of all women and the sooner they understood it – the better. Beauty is not a single set or arrangement or measurement of feature and complexion. It has no single faces nor it is limited to any age group. Beauties abound – but rarely do two beautiful women look alike. They all have their individual charms. There may be tall graceful beauties – short petite beauties – full figured beauties – fair damsels and dark beauties. There is no ideal height or weight or complexion … any combination could look beautiful !!!

A true lady must have inner as well as outer beauty ….. inner beauty includes voice – conversation – manners – personal adjustment and facial expression while outer beauty includes figure – face – hair style – grooming.

A beautiful woman makes others feel better simply by her presence. Charm is the most lasting kind of beauty…. though beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Creating a lovelier – more exciting and more poised you … is an art – because even the most attractive figure seldom have a perfect features or figure.

It is the universal truth … every woman wish in her heart of hearts to stay young and lovely forever !