Dot hain to “Hot” hain…


This was the slogan by “Radio Mirchi” – so we did our duty of being a responsible citizen of India n cast our vote yesterday. But should we be proud? i didn’t know whom to give my vote. Every one is corrupted – in the past few days, each party criticized each other as low as they can. Do they really think or care for the ordinary citizen of India or of the nation. Really hard to believe any of the party word.

Today – even in the news they were showing that during election campaign Ms. Priyanka (daughter of Smt. Sonia Gandhi) wore cotton sari n on the voting day wore western outfit. i have nothing against her dress – but “they” should know that they are a celebrity n media is always around them. Then why to do things that cause such a “hue and cry”. Is it to show that they only care about their votes – any way even if she had worn Indian outfit, it would have made any difference to their polities or the life of Indian.

I know some where in my heart that Congress will be elected again – not that i support them or any other party. I can support anyone who does good for the nation and for its people. But there is a BIG question … Not is good for the nation or its citizen … How do one measure it …??

Obviously,  Life is all about hopes – hope for betterment – hope for growth (economy wise as well as human welfare ) – hope for a new India in this coming 5 yrs.